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Software Incubator

The Software Incubator Cell works on the development and maintenance of all the software requirements of the IAMR Group. The team keeps on gathering the requirements of the group periodically and tries to provide the Group with the best possible IT solution as the IAMR Software Incubator team can better understand the requirement of the Group than any other external software development company.

Besides the development and maintenance of five institutes of the IAMR Institutes websites and one group website, the Incubator team has developed many useful software like Payroll system, Leave Management System, Inventory System and Attendance System for the IAMR Group. The Incubator is currently working on the integration part of all the previously developed software and to generate an ERP for the entire IAMR group.

Importantly, the Incubator offers assistance in identifying and reaching out to potential students and offers support to the students for emerging as software professionals and assists them by providing the opportunity of working on live projects. which ultimately enhance the development skills of students and prepare them as the asset for the software development companies. In this way, the Incubator Cell also helps the placement unit of the IAMR Group.