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Management Incubator

To begin the expansion horizon of Research and Development, IAMR introduced Management Incubation Center in 2010 where industry experts and faculties of IAMR work together on the same platform for SME's facing micro problems in their business. At present projects of RAYMOND and NISBUD are being run at the centre.

The Project aims at establishing, testing and validating a framework for the skillful development of students so that they can easily get jobs in a particular field. The students are very enthusiastic about the project. It is a very positive learning experience for them. This enables them to learn various practical aspects of marketing in the field of education, entrepreneurship and have a good hand on the products of IT. Development of Organized Retail in India has been plagued by controversies about its potential adverse impact on small retailers. This has made growth of the large retail format difficult and politically less acceptable, especially foreign investment in this sector. In the above context, this project aims to evolve a policy frame work which would facilitate the co-existence and mutually beneficial growth of both large retail and small retail. The study envisages extensive interactions with the industry leaders and academia in this area, to arrive at the final recommendations. Students are being given the knowledge of skills required to run the retail business successfully in India. The core knowledge of the retail business is shared with the students.